An idea for a future event

Greetings to the Project SWG community!

The puzzle event is a monthly community activity that everyone can partake in. After the positive feedback from the community, I tried brainstorming another event that would actually be within the game itself, encouraging more people to log in to take advantage of our server for exploration, and be just as fun as the puzzle event. My ideas eventually lead to the following;

Local Location is an event that will not be monthly, but more of a reoccurring surprise.

The main objective is to find an NPC. There will be hints provided as to where the NPC may be located at. The planet of where the NPC in question is will be posted, this isn’t bounty hunting.

Once you think you have found the NPC, you will need to perform an emote (The emote will different for each event) and then take a screenshot (As long as it appears in chat, you don’t have to fret about capturing an accurate screenshot of the emote).

Sent in a screenshot that wasn’t the right subject? All hope is not lost, you get 1 more attempt to guess the right one.

If you guessed the right one, you will be awarded a badge which may have multiple levels to earn, it’s still up for debate.

Didn’t guess the right one? Better luck next time, the event may not be monthly, but it will return from time to time.

The event will run throughout the whole month and the winners will be announced the next following month. To prevent cheating, players will not know if they have won until the winners are posted. You can send up to 2 entry screenshots, but you will not receive a response on if you’ve guessed right or wrong. The number of winners may vary possibly from a set number, to however many guess correct before the month is over. If in the events that the max number of winners is meet, the event will be over for the month.

Keep in mind that all of the follow can be changed to better suit the event. Nothing is set in stone.

So, what do you think? Is Local Location something that would work for an additional event to preoccupy everyone’s time? Feel free to give your feedback in the comments and any suggestions you may have, or an idea of your own for an event!

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