Greetings to the Project SWG community!

September is now in full swing as we prepare for the arrival of Fall, and also for the inevitable return of school. We all enjoyed the time off, but all fun things come to a close at some point, and the daily routines in which we all follow once again continues. Trees shed their leaves for the Winter, while animals prepare for the coming months of a long hibernation. During this time of the year apples are used for a variety of treats that everyone can enjoy from apple cider, to caramel covered apples. With September marking the third quarter of the year coming to a close, we can now move onto the final stretch of the year. Just hope there isn’t as much leaves as there is snow.

Instead of raking up the continual fall of leaves, rake in the puzzle pieces for this month’s puzzle! For September’s Puzzle Event we’re giving 7 winners a badge for their form profile!

Please send via Conversation your puzzle to Tosteto, simply navigate to the Members Tab, click the PSWG Staff, and click on my profile. Then simply click User Tab, select the New Conversation option, and attach the completed puzzle screenshot in the Attachments Tab, it’s really easy and convenient.

Here is the puzzle for this month.

Good luck and may the Force be with you!

Congrats to the winners!

  • 1. TheImmortalOne
  • 2. Bestrashni
  • 3. MarvaEaha
  • 4. PCGoblin
  • 5. wattsmd
  • 6. C-MaxisGR

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