Greetings to the Project SWG community!

It’s in the middle of December and the snow comes in a relentless force, which makes us have to combat the oncoming hail that Mother Nature throws at us. But despite the cold environment we push onward towards the hopes that the our efforts to halt the progress of the never ending snow. And as of today, the new Star Wars movie makes it’s debut on the big screens as the second installment of the new Star Wars saga. We’ll see some old and new faces, young and old as we watch the Resistance and the New Order fight for peace, and galactic dominance.

And to commemorate the eighth episode of Star Wars, we are awarding 8 winners a badge for their forum profile!

Please send via Conversation your puzzle to Tosteto, simple navigate to the Members Tab, click the PSWG Staff, and click on my profile. Then simply click User Tab, select the New Conversation option, and attach the completed puzzle screenshot in the Attachments Tab, it’s really easy and convenient.

Here is the puzzle for this month!

Good luck, may the Force be with you, and of coarse, enjoy the new Star Wars movie!

Congrats to the winners!

  • 1. TheImmortalOne
  • 2. pcgoblin
  • 3. Mack
  • 4. MarvaEaha
  • 5. Bestrashni
  • 6. Bureido
  • 7. wattsmd
  • 8. -Darkstar-

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