Cash loot

No free lunch!

No more free travel; those free shuttle rides have been costing PSWG a lot of money and they are coming to an end!

Cash loot is here!

Killing an humanoid NPC will now yield credits in the form of loot.

You can loot credits just like any other loot object, resulting in an increase in your cash balance. A nice message displayed in the center of your screen and in your chat window as well.

If you wish to transfer those hard-earned credits directly to your bank account, you can do that too! Just open up the radial menu on the credits object and select “Transfer credits to bank account”.

Cash drop chance changes depending on the difficulty of the NPC. Normal difficulty NPCs have a 60% chance of dropping credits, elite mobs have a 80% chance, and there is a 100% chance for bosses. Also, the more difficult a mob, the more credits it will drop.

Now you have no excuse, so quit freeloading! Go out there and earn your money by killing some thugs!

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