Rare Loot System (RLS) chest drops

Rare loot chest drops have been added to Holocore! Come check it out on the official ProjectSWG server!


Rare Loot Chest drops was recently added to Holocore, which means you can now obtain them on the official PSWG Holocore galaxy! They cannot be opened yet, but the chests you gain now will be openable later.

There are some conditions that need to be true for a chest to drop:

  1. You must’ve dealt the killing blow (will change in the future, to better support groups)
  2. The creature must be a NPC, not a player
  3. You and the NPC must be within 6 levels of each other (inclusive). This means level 90 vs. 84 is alright, but 90 vs. 83 isn’t.
  4. You have a 1% chance getting a chest (we may increase this)
  5. The chest type is determined by creature difficulty:
    Normal: Rare Loot Chest
    Elite: Exceptional Loot Chest
    Boss: Legendary Loot Chest
  6. You won’t receive the chest if your inventory is full! There is no way to receive them later!

Here’s some eye candy for you:

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