May plans

This is a high level overview of some of the ProjectSWG team’s priorities during May. First and foremost is completing the launcher revamp. Second is consolidating the physical servers to reduce operating costs. Third priority is to implement NPC combat. Finally, we want to take steps to creating a programming framework for both NGE and CU servers.

  • Redesigning the rewriting the launcher is necessary to getting in game. To that end, it’s not what’s most important about PSWG–it’s playing the game. This will be completed as soon as possible without undue flair.
  • Consolidating physical servers is convenient financially as well as developmentally. In particular, merging the patch server into the game server. The patch server historically has been responsible for updates to the launcher. The web server will stay as it is. Included in this change is the effort to become GDPR compliant, as much of our operations are within the EU.
  • Many aspects of NPC combat have been designed already, including the possible abilities that each NPC is allowed to use. The largest remaining aspect is creating the ability selection algorithm.
  • Finally, in an effort to increase the development team size we’ll also be taking steps to create a PSWG framework. This framework will be a starting point for anyone looking to create their own SWG server. One of the primary design objectives will be to share as much code as possible between all versions of SWG.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, feel free to reach out to anyone on the team!

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