The NPC’s have struck back!

Greetings to the Project SWG community!

The NPC’s are now ready to fight back against any threatening players after the Cease Fire Treaty was broken countless times. They have also organized patrols to keep things in order and pursue any attacking players, and they will fight to the death and will not hesitate to send any players to their death.

With the NPC’s finally pushing the attack back at the attackers, we have organized a retaliation against the NPC’s to demonstrate that we will not simply stand by and watch them become sentient.

Join the fight against the NPC’s on June 29

We will upload the latest code to the TC on friday. Until then AI/NPCs will not attack you.

Please be aware that you need our latest launcher to be able to connect to the server !

You also need to have at least Java 9.0 SE – JRE or higher installed on your machine !