Stats for the different races

As everyone remember there was always this question during character creation about what kind of race you should select.

Every race you can select ingame has a different layout of stats granted as base stats. On top of that you can combine skillmods, buffs and stats from combat levels to a very powerful character setting.

CL 90 – Human0505005050
CL 90 – Rodian2080002080
CL 90 – Trandoshan0050656520
CL 90 – Mon Calamari4060040600
CL 90 – Wookiee0108585400
CL 90 – Bothan6065025050
CL 90 – Twi’lek4040006060
CL 90 – Zabraak0505050050
CL 90 – Ithorian3040600700
CL 90 – Sullustan4004060060

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