Greetings Galaxy,

These are the latest developmental changes on the Holocore currently available on Project SWG’s Test Server as of today. For more information and discussion about Project SWG’s open source development check out the Development Discussion.


  • /createNPC command #37 – A tool to spawn any NPC from NPC database at the GMs location
  • The /setExperience hint now specifies that a target parameter is required


  • AoE heals no longer unnecessarily heal invulnerable NPCs #256
  • Combat log now displays actual amount healed instead of theoretical max
  • creatureMeleeAttack is now only used for the creature weapon instead of being used by every NPC #211


  • Added steps for enabling the Character Builder Terminals in the readme
  • Automated tests for ReadOnlyPermissions#canMove
  • Support power crystals and krayt pearls when tuning #191


  • Added missing names for Stormtrooper guards in QZ
  • Updated creature weapons


  • Fixed a patrol waypoint on Dathomir


  • Added Dynamic Spawn system #150
  • Allow specifying multiple terrains for a single dynamic spawn #150
  • Changed Camp Guards in QZ to INVULNERABLE
  • Dynamic spawn table updated
  • Updated numerous dynamic spawns for all planets

Last release: QA Release #13