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  • 1a: Do not question/discuss moderator or team member authority (this includes all infractions, suspensions, deleted posts, deleted threads, etc). If you feel an infraction/suspension has been issued unfairly, go and send us an e-mail. For clarification: Images and/or text regarding suspended users are prohibited.
  • 1b: Do not abuse the report button. It is there to report rule breaking, not to be used to spam/attack other users with, or request thread stickies.
  • 1c: Multiple accounts are NOT permitted; only one account per user. To make exceptions for others in your household, contact us please.
  • 1d: Inappropriate account names will be suspended.
  • 1e: Anything that is inappropriate in your Profile section will be removed.
  • 1f: Any accounts caught or suspected of using proxies, VPN’s, or any means of blocking actual IP addresses will be suspended indefinitely. Using a proxy is not allowed.
  • 1g: Bypassing your forum/game suspension is NOT allowed, Users in violation will have their suspension time rise.
Topic starter Posted : 15 December 2020 01:53