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Greetings ProjectSWG Community,

After much deliberation we have finally decided to unveil our Warning System. This decision coincides with our recent revision of the warning point values, in order to turn them into a much smoother pattern than what they were previously. With this change, we also wanted to give the public more insight into how our suspensions are handled. Many users have complained that it is confusing and uninformative. If this guide explains one thing, we hope it helps people to understand that suspensions happen, not necessarily due to a specific offense, but rather an accumulation of offense points.

Knowing the difference from the old system

We used to have both Warnings and Infractions. Instead, it is now under one singular term of ‘”Warning” and ”Warning Points”. However, it works basically the same. When giving a Warning, the Moderator has the option of setting the point total to a specific number, including zero. We will continue to utilize the same way we did it before – We will normally give 0 point warnings to people as a reminder to follow the rules. Should they continue, an actual Warning will be given. Below is the Warning Point/Suspension system that we have in place, to hopefully shed light on how many points you need to get banned for a certain period of time.

Points /// Suspension Period

7 /// 3 days
13 /// 1 week
18 /// 2 weeks
22 /// 3 weeks
28 /// 1 month
33 /// 2 months
37 /// 3 months
40 /// 4 months
45 /// 6 months
49 /// 1 year
52 /// 2 years
54 /// Permanent

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the point value revision mean that we will all start with a clean slate?
No, all warnings that have been issued will persist on your account. We’ve merely altered how many it takes to reach each suspension. The change we made is much more lenient to less-common offenders, while being more stern against those who have broken the rules time and time again.

My current warning total is now sitting at one of the required values for a suspension after this change, will this affect me?
No. You will not be inadvertently affected by this switch. If anything it will probably be beneficial to you, allowing more points before each suspension period.

Does a forum suspension also mean I will be suspended from the game?
Yes. All suspensions are tied to each other. If you are suspended a week from the forums you will be suspended a week from the game.

I have a warning or suspension that I do not agree with. Can I dispute it?
Absolutely. Even a moderator can make mistakes. You may come into the support channel to to dispute any wrongful punishment you believe you may have received.

Is a permanent ban really permanent? Will it mean I have no chance of playing ProjectSWG again?
If you feel as though your permanent ban has been unjust, please contact us via email. This does not mean that we will outright lift it. We deal with these on a case-by-case situation. If we believe that you are sincere with your appeal we may allow you a 2nd chance to redeem yourself.

Topic starter Posted : 15 December 2020 01:45