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  • 4a: Do not harass, threaten, or abuse other players or Project SWG team members.
  • 4b: Do not post any racially or ethnically offensive material, sexism, abuse, or illegal activities.
  • 4c: Do not use the game mechanics to grief other players, such as by NPC “training” on them, intentionally kill stealing quest NPCs from them, disrupting player events, or anything else that purposely hinders their gameplay experience.
  • 4d: Refrain from spamming in public chat channels. The presence of any form of preventative filter or other game features is not license or permission, tacit or otherwise, to engage in such behavior.
  • 4e: Do not publicly post content that might be considered disturbing or otherwise grotesque. This includes, but is not limited to, violent material, ‘shock-value’ images, and lewd or otherwise disgusting videos.
  • 4f: Refrain from advertising products and/or websites unrelated to Project SWG.
  • 4g: Do not use Project SWG’s servers to discuss anything regarding someone’s real life without their consent (this includes pictures, phone numbers, etc.).
  • 4h: Refrain from defrauding other players through trades, sales, or other transactions.
  • 4i: Do not exploit any bug or glitch in Project SWG or communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug, glitch, cheat, hack, or links to websites/domains that contain such material.
  • 4j: Do not post material related to proxies, VPN services, or any means of blocking actual IP addresses.
  • 4k: Do not post material related to bypassing forum/game suspensions.
  • 4l: Do not modify any files or utilize any hardware or third party software which provides an unfair advantage to your character.
Topic starter Posted : 15 December 2020 01:47