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Split up legacy

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Instead of having this endless legacy quest row ... split it up

Place NPCs with quest icons all over the planet where you can get those quests (a bit like in the GH in Aurilia)


Topic starter Posted : 1 January 2021 02:16
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The Legacy Questline from what I remember kind of had a linear story to it, so for you to interact with an NPC at level 1, say at Jabba's Palace that is involved in the Legacy would throw the objective and story into a weird mix. Would they also be repeatable? 

One thing we could do is tie in some side content like the Meatlump Themepark into the Legacy quest after reaching a certain point in the Legacy quest on Corellia, perhaps have a message pop up from an NPC telling you to investigate the Meatlumps and starting the quest to the themepark.

I remember there was also quests that were given to you via an item in your inventory when you started a new character that started stuff they added later in the games lifetime, like the Collections Quest that started in Mos Eisley. Perhaps we could incorporate that into the Legacy to introduce players who don't know about that content early on instead of it being a item given quest.

We could also create new quests for the profession wheel contracts that you obtain after leveling to that point. There was originally a few that gave quests, while the rest were just useless decorations. Time to make them actually have a purpose.

Posted : 1 January 2021 21:15
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i guess it would make sense to "limit" the availability of certain quests. with CL ranges for the quests. min and max CLs set. for example most tatooine quests would be 1 to 20. as soon as you pass the max CL range it will deny you to redo the quest. there should be also a "lockout" timer so you cant do that quest all day long over and over again

Topic starter Posted : 1 January 2021 22:18
Kliff Edge
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I hate to say it, but SOE kinda had it right the first time, with everybody basically not having levels in the first place. It was your learned abilities, skills, and gear that made you stronger. (But I would have definitely changed combat as they did)

It would be so much easier to divide it up if they were allowed to stick with that concept.

I know the Meatlump Themepark has a Level 60 and a level 90 quest line that branches off to a different area depending on how close you are to level 90. Could maybe go with something like that, but a bit more complex.

This is also why I was thinking we might think about increasing the XP gain, (with the skill trainers again) but also have XP loss, either on death or on respec; or bypass the loss with paying a fee.

So basically level faster, so we can have people start on different worlds again, and we wont have to implement as many new low-level quests, on those worlds.

Posted : 7 January 2021 20:06