Get Started

Website account creation:

  • To create a website account use the Social Login buttons on front page right sidebar
  • Connect with one of your Social IDs
  • Authorize the application
  • Log into the website with your Social ID
  • You are ready to go !


    Game account creation:

    • To create a game account open a ticket in => Support
    • Subject: “Requesting Game Account
    • Description: Your desired login data (username / password) for the game server
    • You have to use this website to encrypt your wish password. First enter your password you want to use for the game server. Second copy/paste the encrypted password into the support ticket. This guarantees that NO ONE except you only knows about your real password.
    • Category: Game account
    • Please remember that this login info should only be used for the game server and no other real accounts !
    • A staff member will answer to your ticket and inform you once the account got created
    • We will soon implement the option to change the game account password while being ingame !




    • Install the game from your installation discs
    • Download the latest launcher => Game => Downloads
    • Watch the video if needed (see below)
    • Once installed and local files patched you are ready to go
    • Be sure to run the installer and launcher later on in Admin mode (Windows) to ensure your game files get updated !