Project SWG New Year Goals

Community Update

The team at Project SWG would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year!

As we enter a new year and a new decade for Project SWG we want to share with you our hope for the future of the project as we look to spicing up things here, after a notably slow year here and some big updates happening on other projects we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what you the community would benefit from. Project SWG has built a robust engine for ourselves and other SWG Emulation projects to build upon, not to be limited by the NGE era of SWG, it’s with that in mind that after recent developments and some discussions we decided that our pathway forward which some consider to be unnatural, would change a little in that our focus will shift towards that of the Combat Upgrade era of SWG, that doesn’t meant we will stop working on the NGE version just simply that we intend to fill that gap so lacking for the CU version of the game, it’s time to give the CU a little love, and that is what we will do, the original intent of PSWG was to create a CU emulator with some of the best NGE elements in it, with the shutdown of the game in 2011 it became apparent at that point we should emulate the NGE to best serve the community, a lot has happened since then and now we feel it’s time to return to our roots.

Take a look below at some screenshots of our recent progress with the Combat Upgrade.

These are exciting times ahead for both SWG and the Project and I hope you will join us going forward into the new year!

So CU All!