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22 October 2021


Galaxies - An Empire Remembered



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Java,  Kotlin, Gradle, MongoDB, JSON

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  • TC settings
  • Professions
  • Planets
  • Contribution

  • Wipes?: yes
  • XP ratio: 50
  • Looting: enabled
  • Travel: enabled
  • Vehicles: enabled
  • CBT (frog): enabled

There are a total of nine primary professions a player may choose from. There are seven combat professions, four crafting professions and one entertainer profession. In addition to a main profession, there are four auxiliary professions that characters of any profession may pursue: Pilot, Politician, Beast Master and Chronicle Master. Each profession has an expertise system that allows them to extend the fuctionality and/or performance of their respectvie professions while allowing the player to create a unique skill template and play style.

Characters may change primary professions (and expertise) later in their career by visiting a profession counselor. The category of each profession affects the level the character becomes in the new profession.

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Star Wars Galaxies allows the player to visit various planets of the Star Wars universe. With new extensions some new planets were added. Most planets can have player cities and also feature planet-specific weather effects e.g sandstorms on Tatooine.

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Our server code is open source. There are different ways to contribute to the project.

  • - Donations
  • - Code contribution
  • - Content contribution
  • - Data contribution

Feel free to contact us if you want to help us !

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“ProjectSWG is a registered Non-profit organization, as volunteers we are creating this in our free time purely as a hobby and our will to bring back the game in its NGE form. We are not doing it to make a profit or any monetary gain and therefore there are no monetary costs to play on our servers, however we do accept donations to support server and company costs which is purely the choice of you!.”