New website and game server update

Community Update
Welcome back to ProjectSWG, as you can see the website has been refreshed and is now back online. Along with updating the website we have continued to work on development of the game server code. You didn’t think you could get rid of us that easily did you?

As was mentioned in previous postings around the festive period we informed you that our direction has shifted, we are returning to our roots and now focusing our attention at returning our galaxy in the CU(Combat Upgrade) era of the game.

These are exciting times because not only is it a fascinating new path for the Project to explore, no other project to date has opened a public server based on the actual Combat Upgrade so you’ll get to experience a no frills Combat Upgrade. There’s no sauce or condiments on our plates.

Very soon we will be launching a public game server set at the final CU publish that will be available for you to play on, we are currently getting it to a stage that we feel is worthwhile going live with, at first it will still be relatively barebones but we hope to get some basic features in.

So let’s outline how we are going to be moving forward if all goes to plan and as always be aware that these plans may change and nothing is set in stone but we will try to adhere to them as much as possible.

We aim to work to the following Game Update releases. (Subject to change)

Game Update 1 – TC Ready
Game Update 2 – Brawler
Game Update 3 – Entertainer
Game Update 4 – Boid System
Game Update 5 – Marksman
Game Update 6 – Medic
Game Update 7 – Missions
Game Update 8 – Artisan
Game Update 9 – Bazaar
Game Update 10 – Scout

You can also find the full detailed list here on our Github.

On a side note if you feel inspired and want to help with our goal of bringing back the CU, as the project is open source you can become a contributor to the project, you should have an understanding of how the game works and be competent at programming. To get involved you can visit our code repository at github and join us on our discord to join in discussions.

ProjectSWG – Github
ProjectSWG – Discord

So CU All, may the Combat and it’s Upgrade be with you.
Skorpios – ProjectSWG