Game Update 1 – TC ready

Game Update

Greetings Galaxy,

These are the latest developmental changes on the Holocore currently available on Project SWG’s Test Server as of today. For more information and discussion about Project SWG’s open source development check out the Development Discussion.



  • Changed the landing and launching sound for shuttles in starports
  • Converted numerous features and packets to CU

  • Dathomir Quarantine Zone removed from Cities

  • Fixed a bunch of tests failing due to NGE slot definitions being used

  • Fixed being unable to create Wookiee characters, code didn’t handle 0 starter clothing items

  • Fixed being unable to create waypoints using the buttons

  • Fixed being unable to switch role icon

  • Fixed failing tests and incidentally also an issue where NPCs walking inside buildings were warping

  • Removed NGE shuttleport locations – Wayfar and Dathomir Quarantine Zone

  • Removed Restuss from the restricted PVP Zone

  • Removed some unused imports

  • Removed the Dathomir Quarantine Zone as it does not exist in CU

  • Removed unused versioning #479

  • Regenerated buff.sdb based on CU clientdata to get rid of a bunch of NGE specific columns

  • Updated pswgcommon pointer

  • Updated travel coordinates for Restuss



  • Implemented /grantSkill admin command, so we can test things more easily



  • Standard AI combat command updated



  • Actually use the new badge dataloader that uses sdb instead of the old code that uses iff

  • Badges updated

  • Proper logging for BadgeService, so the messages are handled the same way as everything else

  • Removed unused field in BadgeService



  • Added CU buildouts

  • Buildout database updated

  • In case a standard buildout object cannot load, still allow the server to boot


CBT (frog)

  • Added CU items

  • Credit option for blue frog that gives the player money for training, travel etc #417

  • Removed NGE items/options

  • Updated CBT armor selections

  • Updated CBT locations

  • Updated CBT content

  • Updated CBT to have LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH weapon sets for testing



  • Added additional cloning tube locations in Mensix Mining Facility

  • Fixed client crash when cloning caused by NGE debuff being applied

  • Updated cloning database

  • Updated clone mapping


Combat / Commands

  • Allow players to get to safety after being incapacitated, to prevent endless incap-revive loop with aggressive NPCs #422

  • Changed movement to Pre-NGE variant

  • CU uses percentages for action and mind, so let’s just set the attributes to 100 instead of 1000 so it’s easier to work with

  • Fixed a lot of failed command registrations

  • Fixed behavior where client never dequeued successful commands, because the server only did that in case the command failed

  • Fixed combat stance

  • Fixed Combat XP gain being too high and reduced spammyness of “XP gained” system messages #372

  • Fixed client crash when being incapacitated caused by NGE debuff being applied

  • Fixed client crash when being incapacitated caused by incap timer delta num being wrong

  • Fixed decode method for CombatSpam, has no functional effect

  • Fixed CombatSpam packet

  • Fixed health not regenerating for players

  • Regenerated commands.sdb based on CU clientdata because a bunch of pre-NGE commands were missing

  • Removed NGE combat commands from database

  • Removed some NGE combat logic that would sometimes cause server errors when rolled (dodge, parry…)

  • Wound chance is now always using period for the decimal, even if the system has a european locale that uses comma for decimals



  • Added conversations for all trainers

  • Conversations adjusted (recruiter, junk dealer, bartender, commoner)

  • Removed old unused conversations

  • Updated several conversations



  • Added database for CU combat levels and the needed experience for each level

  • Added weapon type and trapping XP

  • Combat level is now a reflection of trained skills instead of accumulated XP #385

  • Ported Medical XP from old CU codebase



  • Updated Faction database



  • Apply Accuracy Bonus to weapons

  • Apply Special Attack Cost attribute to weapons

  • Apply Wound Chance to weapons

  • Fixed a bunch of weapon attribute problems. Wrong categories, missing names…

  • Fix being unable to unequip and then re-equip the starter clothes, caused by these items missing the Skill Required attribute

  • Fixed bug with ‘Set name’ on containers not doing anything #482

  • Fixed “None” case for skill requirement on equippable items #478

  • Fixed broken damage types on weapons #478

  • Fixed failing Jedi tune crystal radial test

  • Fixed weapon DPS attribute

  • Required profession -> required skill

  • Skillmods should be listed first

    Switched required combat level on items from NGE string to CU string

  • Updated all weapons to have more accurate damage and dps according to their CL

  • Updated armor item database

  • Updated item database

  • Updated weapon item database

  • Updated wearable item database



  • Added Janta and Jawa specific loot groups

  • Changed the loot icon for corpses

  • Changed loot range from 64 to 16 meters

  • Fix loot radials appearing twice

  • Removed NGE items and groups

  • Updated loot table



  • Added a few more entertainer NPCs to the database

  • Added equipment database for NPC spawns

  • Added Marksman, Medic, Brawler and Entertainer trainer to Mos Eisley starport area

  • Changed combat profiles of NPCs to CU skills

  • Changed despawn timer for dead NPCs from 5 to 15 secs

  • Updated all NPC stats (health, armor, XP)

  • Updated NPC database

  • Updated NPC combat profiles

  • Updated NPC weapons

  • Updated NPC Malakili to have no weapon

  • Updated some imperial NPCs and their primary weapons



  • Abilities and mods are now removed when surrendering skills

  • Added skill surrendering

  • Enforce skill point cap of 250

  • Skill training, with brawler trainer as example


Spawns / Patrols

  • Added patrol routes to trainers in Mos Eisley

  • Changed coordinate columns in spawn zone  database to a more appealing format

  • Changed dynamic NPC spawn chance from 2 to 7 and max observed NPCs from 7 to 10

  • Changed radius for all LOITER NPCs

  • Changed the trigger distance to spawn dynamic groups around a player from 350 to 250m

  • Updated all planetary spawns

  • Updated all GCW spawns

  • Updated all patrol routes

  • Updated all patrol spawns

  • Updated all CLs for NPCs on every planet

  • Updated dynamic spawns for NPCs

  • Updated dynamic spawn groups

  • Updated min and max CL for dynamic spawns on all terrains

  • Updated no spawn zone database

  • Updated NPC CLs for planets

  • Updated patrol routes for all planets

  • Updated spawns for all planets

  • Updated static spawn types

  • Updated the dynamic spawn groups in the spawn zones

  • Removed NGE only spawner types



  • Updated vehicles


Last release: Game Update 1: TC ready


This is a Star Wars Galaxies server emulator, targeted at the Combat Upgrade (CU) era of the game.