Destroy Missions implemented

Developer Update

Ziggy implemented our newest feature to the Test Center !


The standard or generic Mission Terminal provides players with destroy and deliver missions, that can be grabbed with a maximum of 2 at a time. If a system message tells you can’t pick no more than one mission, then check your Datapad.

Our current mission database contains about 1.700 missions covering all planets. The destroy missions offer targets based on the planet difficulty. Currently the missions contain a single target. Lairs will be added at later date.

  • PLANET          CL RANGE
  • —————————————-
  • Corellia:              11-20
  • Dantooine:         51-60
  • Dathomir:           71-80
  • Endor:                 61-70
  • Lok:                     31-40
  • Naboo:               21-30
  • Rori:                    36-45
  • Talus:                  41-50
  • Tatooine:              3-10
  • Yavin 4:              55-65



This is a Star Wars Galaxies server emulator, targeted at the Combat Upgrade (CU) era of the game.