We have set up something special for the Test Center !

GCW invasion

Last night Rebel forces have overrun Imperial defenses at the capitol Bestine on Tatooine in a surprising night attack and managed to hold town since then.

Rebel engineers were able to set up fortified positions all over the town to hold off any Imperial counterattack.

In the meantime the Empire rallied some Novatroopers and started trying to take back control of the town by invading from 3 sides into town. Their rally points can be found in the North, East and South of town. It is expected that the Empire will increase its efforts very soon.

As a citizen of the galaxy it is YOUR duty to help a side ! Just talk to a factional recruiter near Mos Eisley starport, gear up at the CBT and hop into the battle !

In the future the GCW Invasions will have more features:

  • Attacker quests
  • Defender quests
  • Construction phase
  • Time interval
  • Rewards
  • and a few more

If you are interested in seeing what is currently available, please head over to our Getting Started web page to start partaking in the ongoing development of ProjectSWG!



This is a Star Wars Galaxies server emulator, targeted at the Combat Upgrade (CU) era of the game.