Game Update 2 – Brawler

Game Update

Greetings Galaxy,

We have been very busy working on the first steps towards combat, and to do so we must start from the very basics of hand to hand combat! While fighting with nothing but your fists you gain experience points from killing enemy NPC’s that go towards learning a vast variety of new skills which can be learned from the designated Skill Trainer.

The Brawler Profession specializes in not just barehanded combat but also in a vast variety of One & Two Handed weapons, to long reaching Polearms. As you advance up the skill trees you can obtain new skills with several different effects from Knockdowns, Buffs, and Skill Mods to improve yourself in combat, that is if you have the necessary funds to pay the Trainers. Mastering each of these types of weapons and reaching the top of the skill tree will allow you to become a Master Brawler and also obtain a Character Title to prove it!

While Brawler is currently the only Profession that has fully functional Abilities, we aim to add in even more functionality to the other Professions and Abilities within the near future! We also have the launcher up and running for testing out the various new additions and features! The Blue Frog is also there to provide a vast range of items and options to help further test out existing functions and new ones as they are added. If you are interested in seeing what is currently available, please head over to our Getting Started web page to start partaking in the ongoing development of ProjectSWG!

Armor Break

  • This melee ability reduces your target’s armor effectiveness.

Bleed Attack

  • This melee attack causes bleeding wounds that continue to damage the target even after the initial strike.

Center of Being

  • This command will cause your character to focus on avoiding combat blows. This will only apply when you are wielding a melee weapon.

Knockdown Recovery

  • This ability allows you to recover immediately from being knocked down if you have enough ability points.


  • This melee attack has an extended range potential.

Leg Sweep

  • This melee attack does minimal damage but has a good chance of knocking down an opponent.

Melee Assault

  • This melee attack does more damage than Melee Hit and Melee Strike but with higher ability costs.

Melee Strike

  • This melee attack does more damage than Melee Hit but has a slight ability cost.

Parry Riposte

  • This stance grants a defensive benefit as well as reflecting a portion of the incoming damage back at the source.

Sweep Attack

  • This melee attack does minimal damage with a good chance of knocking down any opponent in melee range.


  • Increases the aggro that a mob in combat has towards you. This ability is useful to get mobs to attack you instead of other party members.



This is a Star Wars Galaxies server emulator, targeted at the Combat Upgrade (CU) era of the game.