Get started

Connect to Discord

  • Create an account at

  • Join our Discord server

  • Open this page to create a hashed version of your password (copy it)

  • Get into contact with one of our online (green status) staff members on Discord

  • Send them a PM with your username and hashed password (paste it)

(Please remember that staff members might show as online but are not at their keyboard 24/7)

Download the launcher

(Be sure to run the installer and launcher later on in Admin mode (Windows) to ensure your game files get updated !)

Log into game/server

  • Once we have created your account you will get a notification from us

  • Afterwards you can boot up the launcher and enter the login data to connect to the game server

  • If you experience any problems do not hesitate to contact us in Discord !

The launcher needs to stay active in the background while you are playing the game otherwise the connection between server and your client will be interrupted !

“There are options to optimize your client / settings to enhance the gameplay feeling !”

Max screen resolution

  • open the launcher

  • click the button “Client Options”

  • SwgClientSetup” app opens

  • switch to GRAPHICS tab

  • select dropdown menu for “Game Resolution” and set it to “1920 x 1080”

Windowed (borderless) mode

  • open the launcher

  • click the button “Client Options”

  • “SwgClientSetup” app opens

  • switch to GRAPHICS tab

  • enable the checkbox for “Windowed Mode” and “Borderless Window”

UI palette

If you like the theme we are using on our website here you can change your ingame UI palette (theme) to it too.

  • open OPTIONS

  • select INTERFACE

  • dropdown menu “UI Palette”

  • select “Rebel_Flight_Suits”

  • click DONE button