Important note about old accounts !


” The galaxy needs YOU ! “

“ProjectSWG is a registered Non-profit organization, as volunteers we are creating this in our free time purely as a hobby and our will to bring back the game in its NGE form.
We are not doing it to make a profit or any monetary gain and therefore there are no monetary costs to play on our servers, however we do accept donations to support server and company costs which is purely the choice of you!.”
Operations, Founder of Project SWG

Features on Test Server

Wipes ?

YES ! Characters can and will be wiped from time to time until we are finally good to go live.

Character Builder Terminal

A wide variety of armor, weapons, wearables, travel points and vehicles are available.


Experience Bonus is set to x50 so you are able to level up to CL 90 very fast.

AI Combat

NPCs are able to battle you with basic attacks.


NPCs all over the galaxy will drop loot when they get killed.


Numerous vehicles are available at the Character Builder Terminal (CBT).