Project SWG – 2022 New Year Recap

Community Update

Greetings everyone!

With the New Year just beginning we wanted to look back on 2022 and highlight what we accomplished throughout the year.

At the very beginning of 2022 we had decided that our current focus was to begin coding and implementing the basic features for the Combat Upgrade on the Test Center.

This included the Skill Trees that would be the foundation of what your character would work towards to being more proficient and eventually become a Master of their profession.

Starting with the very basics of combat we added the Brawler Profession that specialized in not only hand to hand combat, but an assortment of melee weapons that would later be utilized in more advanced professions. In order to get better results when testing out these newly added features we added the option to granted Instant Skill Mastery on the Character Builder Terminal (Blue Frog).

With the addition of melee combat and quick accessibility to further character development we added the ability to unlock the elusive Force Sensitive, which also included Lightsaber Inventory and Crystal Tuning.

While these newly added features presented better abilities in combat, survival was also an important factor which was remedied with the addition of Healing as well as the Stun Effect that improved the chances of surviving conflicts.

We have come a long way in 2022 and are looking forward to what awaits us in 2023 and what kind of progress that is to be made.

We thank everyone for your continued support and interest in Project SWG, and we look forward to sharing with everyone what we add next!