Guide to set up localhost

Software needed:


Steps “Java”:

  • Normal installation

Steps “Sourcetree” (no development/contribution):

  • Normal installation
  • Open Sourcetree
  • Create a new clone
  • Copy & paste the github URL (screenshot)
  • Insert github URL
  • Information will get loaded once you click elsewhere or proceed to next field
  • Create a new target folder for your holocore installation/code like C:\holocore
  • Open enhanced options
  • Switch to master branch
  • Enable submodule recursive
  • Clone

Install “MongoDB Compass”

  • Normal installation

Steps “Build Holocore”

  • Open command console (windows shell)
  • Go into your holocore installation folder C:\holocore
  • Run Holocore the first time to let it build the database structure => gradlew build
  • Once it has built successfully close the shell window

Steps “MongoDB Compass” (user creation)

  • Open MongoDB Compass
  • New connection => leave field empty => Connect
  • Existing databases (admin/config/local)
  • Create a new database “cu”
  • Create a new collection ”users”
  • Add data / insert a new document
  • Possible accessLevels: dev/qa/csr
  • Add fields
    • _id – ObjectId (randomly set)
    • username – String
    • password – String
    • accessLevel – String
    • banned – Boolean
  • Click UPDATE to confirm changes

Steps MongoDB Compass (config of server):

  • Go into database “cu / config” (create them if needed)
  • Create a new document
  • Use the configuration text file for server configuration
  • Examples are below
  • Some configurations become active as soon as you update them even when server is running and others require a restart
  • Be sure to have no typos in there otherwise later on bootup sequence will throw errors and abort

Steps to run localhost server:

  • Mongo server
    • Open command console
    • Go into main C: folder
    • Create the directory C:datadb (only during setup needed)
    • Go into program files/mongodb/server/4.2/bin
    • Use command “mongod”
    • Keep it running in background as long as you have server up
  • Holocore server
    • Open another command console
    • Go into your holocore folder
    • Use command “gradlew run”

Steps to set up Launcher:

  • Download and install Launcher
  • Run Launcher as admin !
  • Go into settings
  • Enable “Admin Commands”
  • Disable “TCP Encryption for localhost” !!
  • Ready to go !

What do i need to do to play on a localhost server:

  • Start your mongo server
  • Start your holocore server
  • Launch game via Launcher

If you have any questions/troubleshooting please contact UNDERCOVA