The Artisan is the most basic level of crafting professions, an artisan is able to craft some basic items as they build their skills through the levels before taking on a specialist crafting profession such as Weaponsmith, Tailor or a Chef.


The Brawler Basic Profession introduces characters to the world of melee combat. Players learn the basic use of the four categories of melee weapons: unarmed, one-handed, two-handed, and polearms. Characters wishing to specialize in one melee weapon can go on to several elite professions. A few hybrid professions use the Brawler tree as well, but in conjunction with ranged prerequisites from Marksman.


Entertainers inspire their audience members. When players listen to or watch an Entertainer, they will automatically receive an inspiration buff at the end of the performance. This will grant them a 10% bonus to combat experience, faction points, and crafting success. All Entertainers have this ability, but can apply it more quickly with more skill.

The basic Entertainer profession compromises different skill sets, three leading to an elite profession, with one as support.


The Marksman Basic Profession introduces characters to the world of ranged combat. Players learn the basic use of the three major categories of ranged weapons: (rifles, carbines, and pistols), as well as support abilities that increase their versatility in combat. Characters wishing to specialize in one or more ranged weapons can go on to several elite and hybrid professions that branch off of Marksman.


Medic is one of the Basic Professions that branches off into a handful of unique elite professions. Players will learn the art of healing and curing, as well as the ability to crafting Instant Stimpacks and their optional components.


Politicians are the only profession capable of running a Player City. Players receive all the benefits of master politician by establishing residency at a house they own.


Scout is one of the Basic Professions that branches off into a handful of unique elite professions. Scouting skills enable a player to perform more efficiently in the wilderness, from traversing terrain quickly to trapping animals to building campsites to heal in.

Elite Artisan


Architects are the ones who create the most complex and interesting designs of buildings, from Guild Halls to factories and city structures. Architects are also able to craft all house furniture and decorations.


An Armorsmith creates the best and most resilient of armors that offer the most protection available. A master armorsmith is able to craft the rarest of armors like the Mandalorian armor.


The Chef is capable of preparing the best gourmet dishes which can give those that consume their products an edge in their respective profession, health buffs and other enhancements are their most potent from foods created by a master chef.

Droid Engineer

A Droid Engineer is able to create the most advanced droids available, assembling and configuring droids from a vast array of options they create a droid that can assist almost any profession, be it combat, entertaining, scouting, piloting or
advertisement barking.


Merchants are the most efficient sellers, they are able to advertise more effectively and sell more products through multiple vendors giving them the edge against standard traders.


The Shipwright can create all ships that are seen in the skies and in space. They are able to produce components and chassis deeds for many kinds of starfighters.
The Shipwright also has the skill to Reverse Engineer components
obtained from space.


The Tailor crafts the finest of outfits for those who choose to wear them. Some of these outfits can be crafted with enhancements that give their clients the edge if purchased from a master Tailor.


A Weaponsmith has mastered the art of weapon craft and is able to create the most lethal weapons, a good Weaponsmith can add enhancements to their weapons to give anyone capable of weilding their weapon type an edge in battle over their opponents.

Elite Brawler


The Fencer is a lighting-fast attacker who specializes in hit-and-run combat. While Fencers have fairly weak defenses, making them less than ideal for standing toe to toe with their opponent, they will employ many abilities that help them reduce their need to stay within range of their target. As a primary Damage Dealing profession, Fencers will have damage output second only Rifleman and Swordsman. However, their attack style is very different and unique. Their defensive abilities will end up being very weak, ensuring they must rely on hit and run tactics. Basic Crowd Control abilities support their role as hit and run combatants, making
them a very potent damage dealer in combat.


The Pikeman specializes in controlling and tanking groups of opponents. In addition to a generally strong defensive ability the Pikeman has the ability significantly reduce their opponent's combat ability. These defensive abilities combined with some decent area attack capabilities makes for a strong combatant.


Swordsman is a melee profession that uses swords and hammers to deal heavy damage. Swordsman is the hardest hitting melee profession, although it's a little lacking on defense. Incrediblly useful damage specials such as Critical Strike and Head Hit are only aquirable in the Swordsman profession. Abilities such as Armor Break and Area Taunt make it appealing to other melee profession too.

Teras Kasi Artist

Teras Kasi Artists are experts at avoiding damage. TKAs have several utility abilities to further help them survive standing toe to toe with the most powerful opponents in the galaxy. Their damage output is only moderate however making them less than ideal for taking opponents on their own.

Elite Entertainer


Entertainers with Dancing skills learn fluid dancing abilities and are able to mesmorize their audience with their movements. Characters who advance to a full Dancer profession will find a whole world of dance and other visual delights.

Image Designer

An Image Design is a character-modification ability that provides avatar modifications (including hair, skin, eyes, etc). If a character chooses to advance to full-fledged Image Designer they will have a wealth of abilities open to them in avatar modification.


Where Dancers captivate your eyes, the Musicians will be a treat for your ears. Entertainers with Musician skills will be able to construct and play basic instruments and learn new songs. Taking it a step further to Musician will enable the character to play large exciting instrument such as the Nargalon.

Elite Marksman


The Carbineer is a medium-range control specialist. He or she has potent abilities to keep targets at a distance and reduce their combat effectiveness. The Carbineer also has powerful Area Cone attacks allowing them to effectively fight groups of targets. Once an opponent is able to close with the Carbineer however they’re quite vulnerable.


The Pistoleer is a lightweight combat specialist. They move quickly around the field of battle softening up targets and reducing their effectiveness. The damage output of the Pistoleer is fairly low but given time and careful tactical control they are still fully capable of taking out targets on their own. The Pistoleer's abilities truly shine though when combined with a well organized group.


The Rifleman is an expert at long distance damage. Riflemen have a few support abilities to help them in this role, including abilities to conceal themselves and keep opponents at a distance for a short while. Once an opponent has closed the distance, however, the Rifleman is probably hosed.

Elite Medic


Although not actually a fighting profession, Doctors are included here because they are required to be in the field of combat fulfilling a support role.

Doctors are the primary healing profession, with the widest range of healing abilities for both short-term and long-term ailments. Damage healing abilities of
the Doctor are specialized in single-target heals, while Combat Medics will remain the most versatile field healer with their wide range of area effect and
ranged healing medicines. Doctors are also vital in the long-term support of combat units. Large combat groups engaged in lengthy battles will find that
their effectiveness dwindles over time due to accumulation of wounds, unless combatants have a Doctor available to heal wounds and revive patients.

Elite Scout

Creature Handler

Creature Handlers are the ultimate in combat versatility. While they have no innate combat capabilities of their own, they are able to fulfill almost any needed role as long as they have a pet with the necessary abilities.


Ranger is essentially an Elite Scout. Most of the skill mods from Scout are increased in Ranger, in addition to some new mods and abilities. Rangers fulfill the unique niche to be able to track creatures, NPC's, and players who have been in the area recently. They are also able to camouflage other players, which works similar to Mask Scent, but is unique to the planet. Finally, Rangers are the most efficient at gathering creature resources, and can make good money selling eggs, milk, and meat to Chefs and Bio-Engineers, and hides to Tailors and Armorsmiths. Rangers often have an elite combat profession in order to be effective.



Bio-Engineer is designed to support other professions through crafting. A large portion of the profession is focused on providing support to Creature Handler through player-crafted pets and the crafting of other pet-related items. Bio-Engineers are required to assemble DNA templates in order to craft pets and a large part of the profession involves gathering DNA samples from many different creatures. The rest is based on crafting components which can be used to enhance items crafted by other professions. The profession also has the role of producing instant stimpacks which may be used by players to heal health during combat. Playstyles for Bio-Engineer vary greatly due to the wide scope of the profession and incorporate both combat and non-combat.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters excel in hunting and destroying their targets. The Bounty Hunter’s arsenal includes a fairly well rounded set of abilities covering both offensive and
defensive abilities. Their only real weakness is that they have little in the way of crowd control abilities.

Combat Medic

Combat Medics are the natural progression of Medics into the combat field. Their medical expertise, turned to the goal of eliminating the enemy, culminated in the creation of powerful medical weaponry that can quickly leave opponents crippled
and powerless. They also have the ability to competently heal their allies while in the thick of battle.


The Commando is the specialist of Heavy Weapons. An entire line of unique heavy weapons are available in the Commando’s arsenal. The Commando also receives many bonuses making them more proficient with standard weapons when combined with other profession skills. Whatever the damage dealing requirement is for a situation, the Commando has the answer.


All's fair in love and war is the motto most Smugglers live by. Smugglers use what is generally perceived as dirty fighting to keep their targets off balance while they defeat them. Smugglers have very low defensive ability and only moderate offensive ability, but when combined with their unique fighting style they can comfortably hold their own.

They also provide somewhat of a tradeskill role in slicing weapons and armor. This allows a smuggler to increase the stats on the item, usually in exchange for payment.

A smuggler with the Underworld branch of the skill is able to buy faction points from faction officers (those who you can normally talk to for buying faction perks or turning combatant etc).

Squad Leader

A Squad Leader's power shows through the bonuses they are able to bring to their group members. Squad Leaders have many various abilities to improve the coordination and effectiveness of their group. Even outside of a group the Squad Leader is a decent combatant, but their offensive and defensive capabilities are only average with no special abilities setting them aside.


Alliance Starfighter Pilot

The Alliance Pilot serves the Rebel Alliance -- the ragtag coalition of heroes who oppose the tyranny of the Galactic Empire. As an Alliance pilot, you will have access to a wide range of powerful starships, including the versatile X-wing and the incredibly fast A-wing. Alliance pilots also learn special Rebel piloting techniques and custom astromech programs that improve a starfighter's defensive capabilities and other features. Because the Rebel Alliance is embroiled in a violent war with the Empire, the life of an Alliance Pilot is fraught with danger. If you start down this path, you can expect to clash with Imperial forces on a regular basis.

Imperial Navy Pilot

Imperial Pilots are devoted to winning the Galactic Civil War. They undertake some of the most dangerous missions in the galaxy and continually exterminate Rebel forces wherever they are found.

Being an Imperial Pilot means dedicating your life to the Imperial Navy. By joining the navy, you are gifted with access to Imperial ships and abilities. Imperial Pilots are expendable in theory and are therefore fitted with slightly less compulsions to bring back their ships in one piece.

Freelance Pilot

A Freelancer is effectively a mercenary pilot. Loyal to neither the Rebel Alliance nor the Galactic Empire, most Freelancers are willing to fly missions for any group with enough credits. Freelancers might find themselves working for the Smuggler's Alliance on Tatooine, the Corellian Secuity Forces (CorSec), or even the Royal Security Forces (RSF) of Naboo. 

The life of a Freelancer involves a great deal of conflict. Freelancers who work for reputable groups might find themselves policing systems and battling pirates. When running missions for the Hutts or the Smuggler's Alliance, a Freelancer is likely to run afoul of local authorities or even the Empire.

Locked Elite Profession

Force Sensitive

A noble order of protectors unified by their belief and observance of The Force, the Jedi hearken back to a more civilized, classical time in galactic history. Their order is ancient, spanning over a thousand generations. As the Galactic Republic throve and grew over the centuries, the Jedi came to serve it as guardians of peace and justice.

Players cannot play a Jedi character unless they have "unlocked" that ability by going through the "Jedi trials." Doing so allows a player to train Jedi-related skills and to create a second character on the server their Jedi character plays on.