Patch Notes – QA Release #3

Game Update

Greetings Galaxy,

These are the latest developmental changes on the Holocore currently available on Project SWG’s Test Server as of April 16, 2020. For more information and discussion about Project SWG’s open source development check out the Development Discussion.

A big thanks to our developers and contributors: Obique /// Ziggy /// Daddyap /// Undercova
Thanks to Daddyap vehicles are working fine now !


  • Reduced the trigger radius for Fort Tusken exploration badge


  • Ability-specific modifiers now increase damage done
  • Added parry roll to combat engine #67
  • Buffs are no longer displayed as attacks in the combat log #201
  • Chance of rolling devastation, parry and dodge is no longer rounded down
  • Fixed combat exploit where modifying health or action during combat would replenish the pools to 100%
  • Fixed issue where you could buff invulnerable NPCs and your buff would vanish if targeting something that is not a CreatureObject #176
  • Heals are no longer displayed as attacks in the combat log #201
  • Proper coloring in the combat log instead of always yellow (miss)


  • Attributes from leveling up are now granted as base instead of enhance #195
  • Fixed issue where buff value was displayed as 1.#R points #177
  • Fixed issue where spent expertise points weren’t displayed to the player #200

Character Builder Terminal (blue frog)

  • Added dodge and parry powerups
  • Added frog to AI test area
  • All jewelry sets added (only a few sets give some working bonus atm)
  • More ranged weapons added
  • Ranged weapons split into sub categories
  • Updated travel location for AI test area


  • Fixes issue where the GCW window causes client crashes
  • Functional GCW regions #29
  • GCW ranks influence amount of points generated and increased base amount of points per tick 200%
  • GCW region loader supports finding the region a player is in #29
  • GCW regions determine a player inactive if player is inside a private building
  • GCW regional presence awards and deducts percentage #29
  • Loading of GCW region locations #29
  • Split CivilWarService into CivilWarPointService, CivilWarPvpService and CivilWarRankService #29


  • Added melee and lightsaber methods to WeaponType #189
  • CR-1 Blast Cannon is now a heavy weapon
  • Exotic mods from equipment are granted to the player when equipped
  • Fixed armor dupe at server reboot #192
  • Fixed issue where static items were created with the wrong colors
  • Fixed issue where you can only equip one ring
  • Fixed weird behavior with set bonus items when having items from different sets equipped at the same time
  • Moved crystals to their own item database sdb
  • Set bonus attributes are applied to relevant static items #166
  • Updated all items databases


  • Added colors for system messages in admin log
  • Added folder structure and sdbs for CU and NGE serverdata
  • Added mariadb compatibility for user database
  • Changed gradle to kotlin DSL and updated gradle wrapper to 6.0
  • Converted ChatRoomLogWrapper to Kotlin
  • Created reducer that determines closest location #150
  • Ensured proper ordering of log messages
  • Fixed awareness issue where destroying a top-level object caused it to not be created again (along with a unit test to verify fix)
  • Fixed bad mongo collection name
  • Fixed potential concurrent modifications in LoginService
  • GuildObject is created and players are made aware #29
  • Reduced the trigger radius for Fort Tusken exploration badge
  • Updated Java version to 13
  • Updated submodule pointers and submodule URLs to github


  • Added new Ewok villager NPC
  • Added weapon type to NPC weapon database
  • Created database for min and max level for each terrain
  • Creatures that aren’t controlled by a player now receive protection from armor #192
  • Fixed issue where aggressive NPCs teleport away from players instead of attacking them #60
  • Fixed issue where loitering NPCs inside buildings would teleport to 0 0 0 in the world as soon as they move #139
  • Fixed Corsec and Flails being enemies in faction database
  • GameObjectType based WeaponType determination is now only run for NPC weapons #191
  • Updated NPC weapon database
  • Updated NPC combat profiles
  • Updated creature NPC database
  • Updated droid NPC database
  • Updated humanoid NPC database
  • Updated vehicle NPC database


  • Added multiple patrol NPCs and routes in Mos Eisley
  • Fixed missing cells in multiple Dathomir patrol routes
  • Updated patrol routes for Character Farm area

Profession – Jedi

  • Jedi saber block chance increases parry chance

Profession – Medic

  • Added effects for medic Bacta Bomb and Bacta Grenade
  • Fixed being able to buff enemies
  • Medic heals can freeshot
  • Prevent players from buffing NPCs #176


  • Activated and deactivated some GCW spawns across galaxy
  • Added mini invasion “Jawa vs. Tusken” West of Mos Eisley
  • Added some NPCs and patrol routes to Mos Eisley starport
  • Added some NPCs to Dathomir POI Imperial Prison
  • Added police as social group and faction
  • Added police NPCs for factional presence in every town on Corellia, Naboo and Tatooine
  • Added datatable for no build / no spawn zones
  • Created data loader for no spawn/build zones #150
  • Created data loader for dynamic spawns #150
  • Created data loader for terrain levels #150
  • Created dynamic spawns database with a few test entries
  • Spawn eggs for dynamic spawns #gh-150
  • Updated Corellia spawners
  • Updated Dantooine spawners
  • Updated Dathomir spawners
  • Updated Endor spawners
  • Updated Lok spawners
  • Updated Mustafar spawners
  • Updated Naboo spawners
  • Updated Rori spawners
  • Updated Talus spawners
  • Updated Tatooine spawners
  • Updated Yavin 4 spawners
  • Updated GCW spawners
  • Updated NPE dungeon spawners
  • Updated NPE station spawners
  • Updated GCW spawners
  • Updated factional presence on Corellia for Imperials
  • Updated factional presence on Corellia for Neutrals
  • Updated factional presence on Corellia for Rebels
  • Updated factional presence on Naboo for Imperials
  • Updated factional presence on Naboo for Neutrals
  • Updated factional presence on Naboo for Rebels
  • Updated factional presence on Tatooine for Imperials
  • Updated factional presence on Tatooine for Neutrals
  • Updated factional presence on Tatooine for Rebels
  • Updated spawns for Character Farm area


  • Fixed issue with mount/dismount and storing

Last release: QA Release #3