Development progress – December

Developer Update

An overview on the latest updates to Holocore, including vehicles!


Big changes were just published to Holocore!

Vehicles are now in the game! Go up to the frog, select the Vehicles option, and explore!

Awareness (the service that sends all of the in-game objects like buildings to the client) has been overhauled, and the server is faster and more stable than it has ever been.

Many bugs were also patched, including:

  • Fixed loot permissions and the loot window
  • Fixed patrol routes in Jabba’s palace as well as during combat
  • Fixed using specials intermixed with other combat commands
  • Fixed the combat XP flytext

Additionally, combat is now much more fluid and responsive.


Also, big changes came to the launcher. Now all communication between the client and the server is encrypted using the latest and greatest TLS version 1.3. Since this new communications protocol isn’t compatible with older versions of the launcher, everyone will need to update by clicking on the bottom-right card in the launcher. While making this change, we also created platform-specific installers so that you can more easily install and run the game! Make sure not to run the .jar file after installing the new launcher! Here are the links to download the latest launcher: