Patch Notes – 23th December 2016

Game Update

Greetings Galaxy,

These are the latest developmental changes on the Holocore currently available on Project SWG’s Test Server as of December 23, 2016. For more information and discussion about Project SWG’s open source development: Development Discussion.


  • Added racial related stats

Combat / Commands

  • Added support for delayed attacks in the combat engine
  • Added support for AoE attacks in the combat engine
  • Fixed an issue where small delay eggs spawned unintentionally


  • Fixed an issue where grouping up would result in no XP gains
  • Fixed an issue where group levels weren’t recalculated when members were removed
  • Fixed an issue where group level would only change with a relog
  • NGE-489: fixed issue where character got exp even when he has reached lvl 90


  • Enabled Lifeday NPCs in Wayfar, Dearic and Doaba Guerfel


  • Group level recalculating now uses streams


  • Fixed issued commando backpack not being equippable for Ithorians and Wookiees
  • Fixed Rebel and Imperial Galactic Marine Armor not being equippable for Ithorians
  • NGE-434: fixed bug that allowed items to be worn by races that shouldn’t be able to
  • NGE-452: Fixed bug that prevented items with no profession restriction from being equipped and hid the Required Profession attr if the item doesn’t have one
  • Updated armor.sdb for Wookiee and Ithorian restrictions
  • Updated wearable.sdb for Wookiee and Ithorian restrictions


  • Added a character builder terminal that can spawn outside Mos Eisley Starport
  • Added a lot of client data loaders
  • Added more armour / weapons / wearables to Character Builder Terminal
  • Added more locations in player_spawns.sdb
  • Added onObjectEnterAware and onObjectLeaveAware for possible in-range checks
  • Fixed an issue where every SUI event on the Character Builder Terminal was treated as OK
  • Fixed an issue where other players wouldn’t see you in a combat stance
  • Fixed CRC equals method
  • Simplified CRC’s hashCode method


  • Updated Dathomir spawns

Last commit: f2a8014