Status on the puzzles, badges & january puzzle shoot-out

Community Update

Greetings to the Project SWG community!

As you all may have noticed, our site has gone through a makeover, including new and improved features! But one thing that is currently missing is the badges some of you may have earned from past events. As of now the feature is currently disabled, but fear not for we have made sure to remember what badges you have earned. I myself have kept a record for the monthly puzzle winners.

Speaking of the monthly puzzle, we will continue to host the event every month, and thanks to last month’s feedback the difficulty will be taken into consideration in future puzzles.

And last but not least, the winners of January deserve their monthly shout-out!

  • 1. wattsmd
  • 2. marvaEaha
  • 3. -Darkstar-
  • 4. Kurz
  • 5. pcgoblin
  • 6. Bestrashni

Congrats to the winners!

With all that said, there currently isn’t a ETA of the badges, but if there is any news on the matter, we will keep you posted.


The Project SWG Team