July & August puzzle event (done) (winners announced)

Community Update

Greetings to the Project SWG community!

With Summer in full swing, people sometimes plan vacations and trips to locations around the world. Some may go to something simple like the beach, while others may invest in a larger scale of amusement such as theme parks. Then there are the simple things such as a backyard barbeque or bonfire where friends and family can talk the night away. And when the weather gets to be to sweltering, there’s no better way to cool off then making a big splash in the pool with a cannonball. And while Summer isn’t just about fun and games, nature begins to take shape and life begins to bloom. Gardening is just one of the many outdoor activities that can be done in our own backyard, aside from the weekly trimming of the grass in which we can all agree become tedious after the first cut. Summer is sure to bring plenty of things to do over the season’s coarse, just remember to wear sunscreen to avoid sunburns!

And to keep things even more active, for August’s Puzzle Event we’re giving 11 winners a badge for their form profile! (Sorry for there being no event for July, it was a busy month for me)

Please send via Conversation your puzzle to Tosteto, simple navigate to the Members Tab, click the PSWG Staff, and click on my profile. Then simply click User Tab, select the New Conversation option, and attach the completed puzzle screenshot in the Attachments Tab, it’s really easy and convenient.

Here’s the puzzle for this month.

Good luck and may the Force be with you!

Congrats to the winners!

  • 1. Kurz
  • 2. Rowsdow3r
  • 3. MarvaEaha
  • 4. -Darkstar-
  • 5. Bestrashni
  • 6. pcgoblin
  • 7. C-MaxisGR
  • 8. wattsmd
  • 9. ZX_OLO

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