Project SWG: An Empire Reworked

Community Update

Greetings everyone!

While Project SWG is being coded from scratch, it gives us the capability of adding and altering various features and functions that differentiate from when the game was Live. With the many possibilities that we can create, it is only left to the imagination to conjure up ideas. That is why we are asking everyone to submit any ideas they may have on what we can add or alter to the game. It can be anything from fresh ideas that were never in-game, to already existing features from any Star Wars Galaxies era that you think can be edited or improved upon which can be added into the game in an NGE fashion.

We would like to hear any suggestions and ideas, if you have something in mind you would like to see in the game, submit a Ticket.

  • Create a New Ticket In Support Tab
  • Create Subject name for idea
  • Type a short summary of the idea
  • Upload any pictures for visual references
  • Select Rework Game Suggestions Category
  • Submit Ticket

We look forward to any creative ideas any of you may have!