Patch Notes – QA Release #18

Game Update

Greetings Galaxy,

These are the latest developmental changes on the Holocore currently available on Project SWG’s Test Server as of today. For more information and discussion about Project SWG’s open source development check out the Development Discussion.


  • Added more objects and particles to Restuss ‘(more will come!)
  • Added Imperial and Rebel combat NPCs to Restuss
  • Adjusted CLs of all Restuss NPCs
  • Added Imperial base east of Restuss
  • Added Rebel base wast of Restuss
  • Added 3 NPCs in imperial base Restuss (east of town)
  • Added 3 NPCs in rebel base Restuss (west of town)
  • Added conversation and quest to Imperial Captain Exov (Kill 5 Rebel Elte Commandos)
  • Added conversation and quest to Imperial Lt Gregor (Kill 5 Rebel Commandos)
  • Added placeholder conversation to Imperial Captain Roth
  • Added quest to Rebel Captain Klork (Kill 1 AT-ST)
  • Added quest to Rebel Captain Redding (Kill 5 Urban Assault Dark Troopers)
  • Added quest to Rebel Lt Olvog (Kill 5 Dark Troopers)
  • Added patrol routes for NPCs in Restuss
  • Added Imperial and Rebel recruiter to Restuss starport
  • Added buildouts for all 4 phases of Restuss Event
  • Fixed wrong template names in all 4 Restuss phase buildouts
  • Rori (Restuss) patrol updated

Character Builder Terminal (CBT)

  • Added Jetpack to CBT
  • Added CBT at Restuss Starport
  • Added Restuss as Fast Travel option


  • Recruiter conversation is now much cleaner and less bulky than before
  • Updated cloning droid conversation
  • Updated rebel recruiter conversation missing some requirements
  • Conversation requirements for active and complete quests as well as event for granting new quests #315


  • Changed RLS items to treasure map items (no function atm)


  • New characters now get neutral faction assigned
  • Removed an additional sound effect on RLS drop. Particle file already contains it


  • Updated all NPCs
  • Added certain loot tables to NPCs
  • Fixed an invalid NPC template
  • Removed unused columns from NPC database and NPC loading service
  • Updated all NPCs loot tables and their chances


  • Added more spawner types
  • Adjusted dynamic spawn for Endor – some DWB NPCs can spawn in the outback
  • Adjusted some creature and NPC spawns near NPC towns
  • Changed visual template for dynamic spawners (before circular / now green controller box)
  • Changed CL range for Tatooine from 5 – 20 to 10 – 20
  • Increased dynamic spawner range to 150m (110m before)
  • Decreased dynamic spawner chance to 5%
  • Increased max observed NPCs for dynamic spawners to 20
  • Updated all spawners in the galaxy
  • Removed Ancient Krayt Dragen and Grand Krayt Dragon from dynamic spawn list for Tatooine

Last release: QA Release #18