Patch Notes – QA Release #19

Game Update

Greetings Galaxy,

These are the latest developmental changes on the Holocore currently available on Project SWG’s Test Server as of today. For more information and discussion about Project SWG’s open source development check out the Development Discussion.


  • Added Darth Vader to Mos Eisley informing players about the Battle of Restuss

Character Builder Terminal (CBT)

  • Character Builder Terminal now supports granting level 90


  • Updated all factional questgivers near Restuss


  • Reset player PvP status when changing factions to prevent the old status from carrying over #343


  • Updated aggressive radius of factional NPCs


  • active_quest task arg can now be read #335
  • Desired outcome of active_quest can now be flipped and task check is now optional #335

Last release: QA Release #19